In 2006, Primus purchased 30-year old, Walden's Machine. The machining, structural assembly, and kitting center, offers our customers leading edge responsiveness in precision-machined parts and assemblies.

Since it's inception in 1977, Walden's has built an impeccable reputation in the aerospace industry for quality, performance, and on-time deliveries. In recent years, Primus Walden's has enhanced its manufacturing capabilities by expanding the production facility and equipment inventory. Primus Walden's now occupies a 169,000 square foot, climate-controlled production facility.

Part of PCC Aerostructures, Walden's contributes to the position as the largest wing and control surface machined rib producer in the world.

Precision Castparts Corp. acquired Primus International in August, 2011.


High Speed Machining (33,000 RPM)

      • 3, 4, & 5-Axis Medium/Complex Aluminum and Hard Metal Machining up to 118 x 59 x 24 inches
      • Kitting, Assembly, and Integration

Airfoil Structures Specialist

Propulsion Structures

Global Supply Chain Management

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Products & Services

  • Wing Leading Edge Ribs
  • In Spar Ribs
  • Wing to Body Fittings
  • Pylon Fittings and Details
  • Flap Major Sub-assemblies
  • Track Supports
  • Pylon Major Sub-assemblies
  • Floor Stanchions
  • Torque Box Fittings
  • Auxiliary Tracks

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3030 N. Erie Ave
Tulsa, OK 74115

Phone:  918-836-6317
Fax:  918-836-5456

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